Mwg's Upcoming Journey - The Newest Wonder in Wales

Mwg (pronounced moog), is the new kid on the block in Cardiff’s food scene. It brings together Welsh delicacies from land and sea and cooks them over charcoal. Mwg is a custom built barbecue grill and open-fire plancha, which creates a unique and flavourful cooking experience, with a focus on Welsh produce. They champion simple Welsh ingredients and create a selection of gourmet small dishes with rich flavours and fresh, seasonal produce.

This culinary journey was born on a foundation of solid friendship and shared passions between two best mates, Tudor and Alex. The inspiration behind the creation of Mwg came from a trip they spent together along the Welsh coast, where they got to appreciate the nation’s beauty coupled with the deep love for Welsh produce, cooking and hospitality. They embarked on a journey to celebrate the essence of Wales through local ingredients and suppliers, with a strong focus dedicated to authenticity and quality. Keeping it in the family, Alex’s brother in law owns Cwm Kits Farm, located just a stone’s throw from Cardiff, who are the exclusive artisan supplier of all the Welsh lamb, who ensure the use of well-treated, free range animals to be used in the dishes.

When asked why local produce is such an important aspect to Mwg, Tudor and Alex responded saying “we pride ourselves in the abundance of Welsh produce available right on our doorstep, it’s got to be some of the best in the world!’. They endeavour to use local produce wherever possible in their seasonal dishes, to showcase the authenticity and the essence of the wonderful Wales.

In terms of the backgrounds of the faces behind the business, you are in safe hands. Tudor has 18 years hospitality experience, so he knows all the ins and outs of the industry, firstly in music event production, before entering the world of food events in 2011. Now running a series of successful street food festivals across the UK, owning a restaurant, and a keen home cook and food lover himself , he has a taste for great ideas and knows his way around the kitchen after kick starting his cooking journey in November 2022.

Looking to the future for Mwg, the opportunities are endless. With it being a passion project for Alex and Tudor, they are excited to see what the future holds – who knows what that will be! Check out their instagram @mwgcardiff to be the first to hear about their next exciting ventures and enquire about their catering possibilities. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming opportunities to get your hands on the wonderful Mwg!

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