Fully Booked in Record Time - Cardiff’s £10 Lobster Menu

After a cracking summer of crustaceans, it has sadly come to an end for the £10 lobster menu. It took Cardiff by storm, selling out in a snap of a claw, which meant, of course we had to extend it for a further two weeks so that everyone could get their lobster fix! With six weeks fully booked up by lobster lovers, some might say it was a claw-some success.

1,180 Lobsters Sold 

1,551 Covers Served 

764 Cocktails Made

Here in the heart of Cardiff, is the small restaurant with big ideas – Neighbourhood Kitchen, where the £10 lobster menu originated. After the big crawfish boil in the summer, we clearly couldn’t get enough of the crustaceans as the new lobster menu was released. You could indulge in a lavish lobster meal for a cracking price that didn’t break the bank – it’s not very often you get those two points in the same sentence! The food lovers of Cardiff clearly liked the idea just as much as we did as it sold out in record time, even needing to be extended.

The menu saw a whole 350g Canadian lobster coated in lashings of garlic and parsley butter as the £10 hit. If you wanted to upgrade your lobster to something a little different, you could tuck into the melt in the mouth lobster thermidor – two halves of a lobster smothered in thermidor sauce and parmesan cheese, or the rich and creamy lobster mac and cheese, or lobster rolls. If you were feeling a bit crabby, you could try the Korean inspired soft shell crab burger , and don’t worry vegans of course we had something for you, the vegan not-so-fishy-fish-finger sandwich, with mushy peas and tartar sauce – a true classic.

The lobster mains were the stars of the show, but what’s a great meal without killer sides? At Neighbourhood they don’t get forgotten about. Our handpicked sides go hand in hand with the mains to create an all round top tier meal. The paprika smoked corn ribs dipped in Brains dark BBQ sauce were a flavour fusion, alongside the whitefish croquettes and kewpie mayo and the nduja and parmesan asparagus. The guests thoroughly enjoyed tucking into a table spread of great plates.

Not only is Neighbourhood an excellent restaurant, but a superb cocktail bar. With the skilled bartenders perfectly pairing cocktails with the lobster menu to elevate the dining experience. Each cocktail was thoughtfully designed to enhance the flavours of each dish. Our signature margarita was a true hit, and you can never have just one!

The £10 lobster menu was thoroughly enjoyed by the customers, staff and chefs. Everyone enjoyed getting stuck right in and having a laugh whilst eating great food. Bibs were on, hair was tied back, and belts were loosened as the lobster lovers of Cardiff tucked into a right ol’ feast. It was definitely an experience and it’s sad to see the tail end of it, but, of course, at Neighbourhood, we always have something else tucked up our sleeve. Check out our instagram, @neighbourhoodcardiff ,for more tasty updates and be the first to know about exciting new menus coming to Neighbourhood Kitchen!

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